Artist’s Profile

I provide municipal agencies with public art services focused on creating positive associations and strong connections between infrastructure assets and the communities they serve. My work creates links between neighborhoods, urban planners and those building municipal facilities. From a street-corner environmental remediation system to an emergency sewage storage pond the size of 10 football fields, my work and artistic solutions have effectively responded to municipal design challenges in financially appropriate and socially respectful ways.

Throughout my 25 year history in public art I have designed, constructed and installed projects that capture and reflect the interests of host communities.

I bring the same attention to site selection and themes to my studio artwork. Both my gallery pieces and commissioned works create links between the art and a broader community for their owners.

My experience and success in public art have allowed me to use a wide variety of resilient media in varied and often unusual sites. I have also honed my skills in the politics of public art and community involvement. I am an effective advocate for my municipal clients and the private partners they employ to complete public works and capital improvement projects.

My work can help you gain community support for your urban design goals. It can also help your communities to express their own values, pride and commitment through iconic and practical public artwork.

Follow the links to learn more about my public and studio art practices.

Paul Hobson