Large Scale Infrastructure Projects

“Mr. Toad’s Ride” – Direct Access Ramp

Date of Completion: 2014

Medium: Poured in place concrete

Dimensions: 10’ x 680’ x 14”

Location: Hilary Drive at Interstate 15, San Diego, CA

Commissioning Agency: Metropolitan Transit System

Project Description: The railing is a formed concrete artwork that recalls the blowing leaves behind Mr. Toad’s jalopy on his wild ride in Walt Disney's animated adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's "The Wind in the Willows”.

Design Team: Estrada Land Planning

Mr. Toad's Ride Mr. Toad's Ride

Avenue Water Treatment Plant

Title of Artwork: “Works Projects Anthology” - Main Gate

Date of Completion: November 2007

Medium: Painted galvanized steel

Location: Avenue Water Treatment Plant, Ventura, CA

Commissioning Agency: City of Ventura, Office of Cultural Affairs, Public Art Program

Project Description: The historic Works Projects Administration era architecture of the plant inspired the art deco design of the front gate. The gate recalls the great artworks that were produced during this period in American history that depicted machinery as heroic tributes to the technological advances of our society. The gate was fabricated by Designs In Iron in San Diego, CA.

Design Team: Kennedy Jenks Consultants

Award: 2008 Top Job Award, National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association

'Works Projects Anthology' - Main Gate

City of National City

Title of Artwork: "Portals In Time" - Plaza Sculpture

Medium: Glass mosaic, ceramic tile, adobe block, brick, cement castings, brick, stucco and water

Location: 9th Street at National City Blvd.

Project Description: “Portals In Time” is an assembly of colorful depictions of the history and culture of National City on freestanding walls and portals that are arranged to form a corridor in an urban plaza.

'Portals In Time' - Plaza Sculpture

City of San Diego

Title of Artwork: Mid City Gateway

Date of Completion: 2006

Medium: Concrete, steel, glass and neon

Location: El Cajon Blvd Transit Plaza over Interstate 15, San Diego, CA

Commissioning Agency: City of San Diego

Project Description: Function follows form in the site-specific transit plaza neon gateway sculpture. It features over the road arches and vertical blade signs creating a portal to the community while referencing historic El Cajon Boulevard’s architectural past. The base of the sculpture provides space for restrooms, concession and storage.

Design Team: KTU+A Landscape Architects

Mid City Gateway

Metropolitan Waste Water Department

Title of Artwork: “Vortex”

Date of Completion: November 2001

Median: Concrete

Location: South Bay Water Reclamation Plant

Commissioning Agency: San Diego Metropolitan, Wastewater Department

Project Description: “Vortex” water sculpture is sited near the entrance to the reclamation plant and suggests its function.

In the center of a 24-foot diameter pool a vortex exemplifies the centripetal force created by wastewater going down the drain, the genesis of the water reclamation process.

Design Team: Platt/Whitelaw Architects, Garbini and Garbini Landscape Architects


City of Coronado

Title of Artwork: "Least Tern Wing Pier” - Silver Strand Beautification Project

Date of Completion: September 1999.

Location: State Highway 75, Coronado, CA

Commissioning Agency: City of Coronado, CA

Project Description: Enhancement of a 1.4-mile section of a State Highway that includes wing and grass shaped piers that echo the flora and fauna of the Silver Strand. The least tern wing pier provides a vantage point from which to observe the nearby least tern preserve. Facts about this endangered bird are engraved into the pier railing.

Design Team: Schmidt Design Group, Inc.

Award: 1999 Honor Award - American Society of Landscape Architects, San Diego Chapter

Least Tern Wing Pier Least Tern Wing Pier

City of Los Angeles

Title of Artwork: Alex Baum Bike Bridge

Date of Completion: May 2002

Medium: Painted galvanized steel and concrete

Location: Spanning Los Feliz Boulevard at Interstate 5, Los Angeles, CA

Commissioning Agency: City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, Department of Transportation and Bureau of Engineering

Project Description: The 120’ long bike bridge is part of the infrastructure of the Los Angeles River Bike Path Project that links the San Fernando Valley with downtown Los Angeles. Bicyclists ride through two 24-foot diameter bike wheel rims situated at either end of the bridge. A spoke and rim design also enhances the bridge railing.

Alex Baum Bike Bridge Alex Baum Bike Bridge

City of Escondido Maple Street Pedestrian Plaza

Terrazzo Table and Bench Tops - Maple Street Pedestrian Plaza

Date of Completion: Summer 2012

Commissioning Agency: City of Escondido, CA

Dimensions: Two table tops 3’ x 3’, seven benches 1’ x 2’ x 20”

Medium: Concrete block and cementaious terrazzo

Project Description: Two terrazzo picnic tables are sited under a trellis at the South end of the plaza. They feature terrazzo inlays that reference Escondido’s past and future depicting farm equipment, orchards, the night sky as seen from nearby Palomar Observatory and water.

Design Team: Schmidt Design Group, Kimley-Horn and Associates, JSW Engineers, Graphic Solutions, Aquatic Design Group, Burkett & Wong and West Coast Geotechnical Consultants

Award: 2013 Project of the Year Award, American Public Works Association San Diego and Imperial Counties Chapter.

Terrazzo Table and Bench Tops – Maple Street Pedestrian Plaza

Untitled – Willis Avenue Pedestrian Bridge

Date of Completion: 2003

Medium: Random finish stainless steel

Dimensions: Two 10’ x 5’ and four 10’ x 10’ panels

Location: Metrolink at Willis Avenue, Van Nuys, CA

Commissioning Agency: City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, Department of Transportation

Project Description: Six stainless steel panels feature cutouts depicting historical and cultural assets of the San Fernando Valley such as agriculture, the aqueduct system and Van Nuys Airport.

'Works Projects Anthology' - Main Gate