El Cajon Boulevard Transit Plaza1.jpg

El Cajon Boulevard Transit Plaza Gateway

Date of Completion: 2006

Medium: Neon, steel, glass and concrete

Dimensions: 27’ X 120’ X 60’

Location: El Cajon Blvd Transit Plaza over Interstate 15, San Diego, CA

Commissioning Agency: Metropolitan Transit System

Project Description: The site-specific transit plaza neon gateway sculpture features over the road arches and vertical blade signs that create a portal to the community while referencing El Cajon Boulevard’s architectural past.

Design Team: KTU+A Landscape Architects

Design Team: KTU+A Landscape Architects

Terminal 2 detail.jpg

Ceiling Node Light Sculpture

Date of Completion: 2016

Medium: Laminated glass and powder coated steel

Dimensions: 13’ x 19’

Location: Terminal 2 San Diego International Airport

Commissioning Agency: San Diego Regional Airport Authority

Project Description: The theme of the light sculpture is aviation and San Diego’s long association with the aerospace industry. It features tools used for navigation such as sectional charts of four area airports along with references to radar, navigation and space.

Archaic Passage - detail.jpg

"Archaic Passage" - Old Town Transit Station

Date of Completion: June 1996

Medium: Adobe block, roof tile, wood siding, brick, cobble, stucco and ceramic tile

Dimensions: 110-foot long x 8” high

Location: Pedestrian passageway for the Old Town Transit Station, San Diego, CA

Commissioning Agency: Metropolitan Transit Development Board

Project Description: "Archaic Passage" incorporates the architectural styles and building materials used in Old Town San Diego throughout its history. Responding to the passageway’s historic backdrop and its orientation underground, the materials are arranged in serpentine cross sectional views that evoke a feeling of being inside an archaeological dig.

Design Team: KTU+A Landscape Architects

Award: Orchid Award for Fine Art, 1997