3  Tidal Flows - San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina.jpg

San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina - “Tidal Flows” – Entry Sculpture

Date of Completion: 2011

Medium: Holographic finish on aluminum, polycarbonate and programmable LED

Dimensions: 15’ x 250’

Location : San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina, San Diego, CA

Commissioning Agency: Marriott International

Project Description: Sited at the entrance to the hotel, the light sculpture suggests the tidal flows in San Diego Bay. At night the linear components are silhouetted by an animated colored glow that simulates the changing tide in the Bay.

Design Team: Martinez Cutri Architects


San Diego Power and Cooling Plant - "Friezing"

Date of Completion: December 2000

Medium: Fiberglass

Dimensions: Nine 6’-0” high x 16’ long x 12” deep

Location: San Diego Power and Cooling Plant at Kettner and Broadway, San Diego, CA

Commissioning Agency: San Diego Power and Cooling Company

Project Description: Fiberglass panels enhance the noise attenuation walls on three sides of the plant. The panels suggest the function of the facility by depicting the machinery it uses to cool three million square feet of office space for downtown San Diego.


technoscape detail2.jpg

San Diego Revitalization Corporation  -  “Technoscape” - Courtyard

Date of Completion: August 2003

Medium: Reinforced concrete, EPDM rubber and polyethylene turf

Location: City Heights Urban Village - Fairmont and University Avenues, San Diego, CA.

Commissioning Agency: Price Charities – San Diego Revitalization Corporation

Project Description:  The courtyard is central to the Urban Village Town-home project and is composed of a series of mounds and walks.  The mounds offer an alternative to traditional seating and the walkways act as garden vines that connect them. The projections for foot traffic on the 60’ x 220’ courtyard area made it impossible to use turf as a groundcover.  As a practical alternative colorful EPDM rubber surfacing was combined with a polyethylene turf material and was stretched and troweled onto a formed steel and concrete landscape.  Tall bamboo provides shade.