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“Portals in Time” – National City Boulevard Streetscape and Fountain Promenade Project

Date of Completion: November 2007

Medium: Glass mosaic, ceramic tile, adobe block, brick, cement castings, stucco and water

Dimensions: 120’ x 60’ x 12’

Location: 9th Street at National City Blvd

Commissioning Agency: City of National City, CA

Project Description: The centerpiece of the Promenade project, “Portals in Time” is an assembly of colorful depictions of the history and culture of National City. The mixed media artworks are fixed to freestanding walls and portals that form a corridor linking the new Southwestern College campus with historic Brick Row a block away.

Design Team: Project Design Consultants    

Alex Baum Bicycle Bridge.jpg

Alex Baum Bike Bridge

Date of Completion: May 2002

Medium: Painted galvanized steel and concrete

Dimensions: 24’ diameter x 120’

Location: Spanning Los Feliz Boulevard at Interstate 5, Los Angeles, CA

Commissioning Agency: City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, Department of Transportation and Bureau of Engineering

Project Description: The 120’ long bike bridge is part of the infrastructure of the Los Angeles River Bike Path Project that links the San Fernando Valley with downtown Los Angeles. Bicyclists ride through two 24-foot diameter bike wheel rims situated at either end of the bridge. A spoke and rim design also enhances the bridge railing. The bike bridge has been featured in a Nissan Leaf commercial and Pharrell William’s music video “Happy”.  0:47 and again at 3:13

Design Team: Los Angeles Department of Transportation and Bureau of Engineering



Mr. Toad’s Ride – Direct Access Ramp

Date of Completion: 2014

Medium: Poured in place concrete

Dimensions: 10’ x 680’ x 14”

Location: Hilary Drive at Interstate 15, San Diego, CA

Commissioning Agency: San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

Project Description: The railing is a formed concrete artwork that recalls the blowing leaves behind Mr. Toad’s jalopy on his wild ride in Walt Disney's animated adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's "The Wind in the Willows”.

Design Team: Estrada Land Planning