Pictograph Frieze Detail.jpg

South Bay Water Reclamation Plant

Date of Completion: November 2001

Commissioning Agency: San Diego Metropolitan Wastewater Department

Design Team: Parsons Engineering Science, Platt/Whitelaw Architects, Garbini & Garbini Landscape Architects

Project Descriptions:

Pictograph Frieze As part of the facility’s educational tour pictographs are sandblasted into concrete creating a series of friezes on the three process buildings along the tour route.  The pictographs are graphic representations of the facility hardware arranged in sequence and serve as visual aids in the tour presentation.

vortex drawing.jpg

“Vortex” water sculpture is sited near the entrance to the reclamation plant and suggests its function. In the center of a pool a vortex exemplifies the centripetal force created by wastewater going down the drain which is the genesis of the water reclamation process.